Miniscules , Bolsward, Nedherlands 2016

International Art Exhibition Miniscules curated by Wilma Wissers from 10. september/ 09. October 2016, Galerie Badweg 3, Bolsward, Nedherlands
The opening will be performed by Judith Spijksma who works in the Fries Museum. This exhibition is an international cooperative project between artists from France, Netherlands, USA, Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany and Australia. It is an initiative of Wilma Vissers (NL) and it is a sequel to an exhibition that has taken place in 2013/2014 at TAS in Groningen. The title “Miniscules” is a playful variation of the word small in French, English, and Dutch.
The motto for this exhibition is:
1. To make a work of art that can fit in the palm of your hand.
2. The work of art should be able to travel the world with or without the artist that created it
3. To make a nod or an ironic comment on the history of art in which everything should be big , bigger, or even grand.
The small size makes it possible for the spectator to have a very close relation or connection with a work of art because it can be viewed up close. The works of art are abstract and could be categorized as concrete or formal art. Each artist has two works in the exhibition of “Miniscules”

Bez naziva # 11, 2016, akrilik na drvetu, diptih 17cm x 14cm x 2,5cm i 16cm x 16 cm x 2,5cm

DHLU 2016

from cycle Totems II, 2014, old iron 36cm x 36cm x 1.5cm

International Exhibition of Visual Arts „Private and public“ ULU En Face, Mostar, BiH 2014

XIII International group exhibition “Private -pablic”, ULU En Face, Mostar BiH
Untitled #11, 2011, old iron 24cm x 11cm x 0,5cm

Totems II, solo exhibition, Mostar, BiH 2014

08.- 21.05.2014
Solo exsibition by Arleta Cehic
Totems II, curator: Zoran Zelenika
gallery Aluminij, Mostar, BiH

Manic Episode 4, Groningen, Netherlands 2013



International Exhibition of Visual Arts, Manic Episode 4, Temporary Art Space (T.A.S.), Groningen-Netherlands

Catalouge: Manic Episode 4