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Arleta Cehic, sculptor, biography, white circle, wood sculpture, artist

Arleta Cehic - Contamporary Artist Sculptor. 

Pure forms of Arleta Cehic\'s sculptures represent the Totems which interact with nature. Several pieces have been transformed from their original materials to renewed forms. The new quality created a correlation with the natural environment. An overwhelming complexity has produced the intended simplicity. These Totems posses a timeless spirit.

                                                            Frederic Storme Galerie, 05.03.2011. Lille-France


2004-2008 Fine Arts Academy,

University "Džemal Bijedić" Mostar-Bosnia and Herzegovina.


2009 became a member of ULUBiH and DHLU(The associations of Bosnian artists).

Also is a member of Format and MANIAC (Multimedia Artist Network Idea-exchange and Collaboration) associations.

So far, she has exhibited at numerousgroup exhibitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, the Netherlands, France, North America ( New Haven, Sacramento), as well as three large solo exhibitions.

Lives and works in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

...With contemporary art tendencies as far as a legitim competence on work of the artist, who has recognized the connection or the relationship in proper act-s of historical avantgard.


That is the case with Arleta Cehic , whereby she searched onto storage places, gathered with her special enthusiasam, iron parts or left overs of old machines like pieces to archelogical values and even more "interprets" their shapes of former function into a new condition. Inside of the parts plates, gears, pistons and cube cobs (ready made), very time consumed, besides there are corosive structures who were remodeled; and got welded whereby Arleta achieves the two elemnts the antropomorphical elements and concise simbolical shapes which are giving a sculptural egzistence to the old one.


Part of the deduction written by Dr. Prof. Ibrahim Krzović, art scientist, 20.02.2011.      Sarajevo, BiH

       The circle of Aleta Cehic unites antagonisms, it is both thesis and antithesis. The circle, a symbol of perfection, piece, the symbol of eternity, shows in its interior restlessness, dynamic and departure. Each of its differently sized individual pieces is in itself a coherent form, each one of its own is a successful work of its own. On the walls, they unfold in a whole new context, of surprising constellations. Aleta Cehic's circle is a work that touches existential issues and reveals the answers. Her works reflect the intense effort to penetrate the origin: the meaning of form.

                                                 Wahida Azhari, Visual Artist 01.06.2017, Hamburg -Germany


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